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Feb 16, 2023

For some, the miracles of Jesus presented in the Gospels are problematic. Many question their veracity. Did these actually occur, or are they stories that sought to grab the attention of people living in a pre-industrial world? Perhaps "something" happened but surely there are better explanations today than Jesus healing, raising from the dead, and casting out evil spirits. In short, especially for those in the midst of a shift of faith, the miracle stories are far more difficult to make peace with than are his teachings.

But what if we didn't care about whether or not they occurred or how early Christians (and many contemporary ones, too) "explain" them? Are there powerful ways to view them through other lenses? In this episode, Annika Rau joins LDF host Dan Wotherspoon in such an exercise. Specifically, Annika speaks about the way she has learned to see them as "invitations." If we pay close enough to the various stories, each in its own context, we are able to see broader themes and concepts that illustrate the way that Jesus operated in the world. 

Who did Jesus heal? In what ways were these miracles tailored to each individual according to her or his specific needs? Did Jesus require something of the individuals before healing? Why were there such a variety of methods through which he healed? And so many more things to notice. If we were to pay attention to such broader matters, how might that help us in our journey to be more like him?

The conversation in this episode draws us into the person of Jesus as well as into much deeper looks at fundamental spiritual questions. Among other things, if features a wonderful discussion of a healing episode found in Mark 8: 22-26, and a broader set of things we might explore in the story of the woman taken in adultery (John 8). And it models ways that we might each seek for new things to notice in these stories (as well as in other events, settings, and details found the Gospels).

Listen in! You will really enjoy this terrific conversation!