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Mar 23, 2023

This episode features a conversation between LDF host Dan Wotherspoon and Abe Collier, who heads a small international aid NGO currently working in Ukraine. It is set up to be another in what will be a series of episodes on the way people discern what God/Life/the Universe seems to be calling them to do. 

in this discussion, Abe shares with us his LDS background along with various inflection points that ultimately led him to his work. It's a beautiful story, but one also one that contains confusion and sadness and various trade-offs he was called to experience. But, as you will witness in his story, he has found peace and a beautiful sense of fulfillment in what he is doing. He has wisdom far beyond that of most people his age, and it is a real pleasure to introduce him and his work to the Latter-day Faith audience. 

Listen in. As is always true, the very specificity of a life journey allows us to notice and connect with things in our selves that simply talking in general terms usually can't. Enjoy!