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Aug 26, 2020

We're excited to present Part 2 of the discussion about deconstructing and reconstructing faith between Caleb Jones and LDF host Dan Wotherspoon. The conversation in this one turns to some of the trends that are showing up in the religious world that definitely need attention if Mormonism is to have a better chance of keeping its young adults, especially, and also a wide variety of Latter-day Saints who come across difficult questions and/or are no longer moved by LDS worship styles and an "answers" approach to religious questions. Caleb then turns to a way of approaching the plan of salvation that he believes holds more promise for this generation that is exposed to so much information, including a strong dose of science. The discussion also includes Caleb's stunning framing for "revelation" that argues that people, in particular those who are marginalized in some way, ARE revelation.

You do not want to miss out on this concluding section of Dan's interview with Caleb!