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Sep 16, 2022

Today’s show focuses on the Prosocial movement, a network of people who are studying and testing and putting into action practices guided by principles that put people first. Our guest, Jordan Harmon, a therapist with strong Latter-day Saint roots who practices in Utah, is part of this movement and brings it into focus for those of us who may never have encountered it. In the process, we learn what study has shown to be key factors in the success of groups whose goals are focused on the well-being of people, the biosphere, and this planet with its limited resources. He draws us into the work taking place in many fields, including his own, and leads us through the movement’s guiding principles. In the final third of the discussion, he and Latter-day Faith host Dan Wotherspoon turn their attention to religion and how certain ideas, ideals, concepts, and phrases might align with prosocial notions and practices. And, of course, as they discuss religion, Mormonism and some of its notions make their appearance.

Listen in! You will learn a lot and find yourself chewing on many of the conversation’s wonderful morsels.