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Dec 10, 2021

So often we read scripture through lenses that don’t allow them to affect us all that much. We read for the stories depicted, perhaps the history. We will notice teachings and perhaps other things about the writers. But none of these ways place the emphasis on us and our transformation, or on insights that these suggest when we approach them spiritually.

In this episode, Mark Crego, and LDF host Dan Wotherspoon discuss scripture and a few ways to look at them that can aid our own self-discovery of certain depths, but even more so our own discovery of our selves and our hearts, pains, and shadows.

This is the Christmas season, and Mark uses two scriptures that are traditionally seen as connected to the Nativity and the Messiah coming into the world and expands them in ways that open up different possibilities. Some of it is background, but even more so it can free us up to "enter into" scripture and allow our imaginations to fill in aspects of it (and to do this without apprehensions) or even serve as divination tools for our own spiritual work.

This is a terrific and insightful discussion! Please listen. Your Christmas season can take on new colors and lead you to new depths!