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Nov 18, 2021

Terri Peterson is a recovering perfectionist. She says she came to it naturally as the oldest child in her family, but it moved into full throttle following a family tragedy about which church teachings offered comfort but, at least the way she began to understand them, also stressed the importance of doing and being obedient, and causing her to choose the most extreme ways of demonstrating her desires to be righteous. 

In this episode, she joins LDF host Dan Wotherspoon to tell her story and unpack the negative effects of this perfectionism in not only her spiritual life but also her family relationships. But hers is also a journey to peace, to a bigger understanding of God, a recovered sense of her own eternal nature, and learnng that she should pursue things that interest and fulfill her as a person, even if they are not fully church related. She is now a docent at the Museum of the Bible in Washington, DC, as well as a certified yoga teacher. Terri has also learned the spiritual power in being vulnerable, uncertain, patient, and allowing things to unfold. She has also begun sharing about things that represent "the real her" in her ward and other church settings. 

Terry's story will touch so many of you (and those you share this episode with) who have likewise struggled with trying to be perfect and occupied and always on the go. It will also be important to those who love someone who is entrapped by this ultimately futile striving for God's love through demonstrated obedience and outward presentation. 

Do not miss this one! And DO share it with those you love!