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Sep 7, 2021

This episode releases two weeks after LDS Apostle Jeffrey R. Holland addressed BYU faculty, administrators, and staff, during which he reiterated the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints’ position on marriage as being only between a man and a woman. He also addressed the activism on the BYU campus supportive of LGBTQ+ students, especially the participation of those who work for the church-supported institution, directing them to refrain from taking part in them. For many students, faculty, and others in the wider Latter-day Saint community who are welcoming and fully accepting of those who identify as queer, these remarks along with the apostle’s delivery tone were especially hurtful. How do those so affected become re-centered and come closer to peace after such an (unnecessary) setback?

In this episode, Lisa Hansen, the director of Flourish Counseling whose clientele are LGBTQ+, joins LDF host Dan Wotherspoon to talk about "resiliency." What does that term mean? Look like? And how do we develop it within ourselves? It is a deep and rich subject, one only coming into focus in psychological circles within the past decade. Lisa very skillfully introduces us to this concept and quality with a particular emphasis on the extra difficulties experienced by minority communities, especially our queer brothers and sisters.

If you think you already understand resilience, you don’t. This conversation is rich and full of many “oh my gosh, I hadn’t thought of that” moments. This is an episode to listen to multiple times and to share with those who are open to better understanding LGBTQ individuals, as well as themselves.

Listen in!