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May 28, 2021

There is no question that we are living during a time in the world that is unlike any other. Brought on by the dawning of the information age, and especially the rise of the Internet and ever-increasing access to it and all the social media and other technologies it has hatched, it is no wonder that societies, cultures, religions, and we ourselves have been thrust into major growing pains--some of which are here ahead of our collective and individual maturity to manage easily as all of it has disrupted our previous comfort levels. Luckily, we have the records of previous major societal upheavals that we can gather lessons from them, with one of them being the good news of major shifts in consciousness that follow in the decades after.

In this episode, Caleb Jones, an information engineer, joins LDF host Dan Wotherspoon to talk about many aspects of this time of flux. Caleb keys in on the "Second Great Awakening" that brought forth so much societal change, including the birthing of many religions such a Mormonism. He draws parallels from it and other "Awakenings" to help elucidate the present, especially regarding trends in Mormonism and individual Latter-day Saint lives. In all of this, he and Dan raise questions (and propose tentative thoughts) that can be important guides for our own soul work. May it serve you well in this way as you listen in!