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Jan 27, 2021

The notion of "gifts of the spirit" is very familiar within Christianity, and perhaps even more in Mormonism as its books of scripture include two additional enumerations of the list first found in I Corinthians 12. Yet, how well do we understand the notion of gifts, especially the ones in Paul's (and other) lists? Additionally, even given our familiarity with the idea of these gifts, do we stop short of genuine exploration? 

In this second of two parts of this Latter-day Faith episode, Mark Crego and host Dan Wotherspoon dive into such things, and much more. One focus throughout is a concern that through poor understanding much of the messaging about gifts of the spirit has led many to feel that they have been left out, causing them pain and doubt and feelings of unworthiness. If nothing else is taken away from this conversation, our hope is that this idea can be put to rest.

Listen in! The conversation gets nerdy here and there, and you get to listen in to two people who come at matters differently, but perhaps the interaction itself will also be interesting and instructive.