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Jan 6, 2021

The thoughtful and brilliant Fiona and Terryl Givens have just launched a new book titled "All Things New: Rethinking Sin, Salvation, and Everything in Between." And it's terrific. In this episode, they and LDF host Dan Wotherspoon talk about the ideas in the book and how these feed into a beautiful whole, a reality we can trust and that leads us to a clearer vision of God and ourselves. When we begin from the firm foundation of God's love, and especially so if we have experienced it in direct ways not mediated though "doctrines" and well-worn lenses, we come to understand what the gospel of Jesus says about topics such as justice, repentance, worthiness, church, and so many more. 

They also discuss how, interestingly, their approach in this book, grounded through close reading of scripture and great literature along with deep dives into the history of Christian formation and transmission, led them to the same sense of the Divine that mystics describe, simply coming to them through different methodologies. 

It's a wonderful conversation in two parts. Don't miss it!