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Oct 8, 2020

LDS general conference ended just four days ago, and we thought it important to highlight different talks and messages from it that have applicability to the Latter-day Faith emphasis on inner work/inner transformation. One such talk this conference was President Nelson's Sunday morning address, "Let God Prevail." In this episode, LDF host Dan Wotherspoon is joined by a terrific panel of Lyndsay Pulsipher, Mark Crego, and Terri Petersen to discuss the talk's messages, which can be understood many different ways, and at different levels, and especially the concepts that have deep spiritual resonance.

The host and panelists selected to talk about three different but related subjects addressed in President Nelson's talk: the concept of allowing God to prevail in our lives (and the world and its history?), his very strong remarks against racist thinking and action, and the theme that he carried throughout of "gathering." It's a wonderful discussion that takes these subjects into really profound areas, and that suggests that even through there is a really obvious surface reading of his remarks in these areas, the concepts are rich and deep and empowering should we ponder them and seek to find the treasures for our own faith and personal development. You should definitely listen in!