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Aug 13, 2020

I am joined this week by three wonderful guests--Kathryn Sonntag, Jim Smithson, and Dave Longhurst--in talking about the concept and potential reality of Zion. How does this idea motivate each of us? How do we understand scriptures that speak of Zion being a state in which people are of "one heart and one mind"? About what it means to "live in righteousness"? And about what it means and how do we come to live in ways that there is "no poor among us"? How do we understand the three elements in one of the temple covenants: the Church, the Kingdom of God, and Zion? What are the relationships each has with the others? And much more! This episode is packed with powerful ideas presented beautifully, with many of them being new to me. I hope you'll choose to listen in! Its seriously good!