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May 5, 2020

The title of this episode plays of the name of a new and wonderful podcast, At Last She Said It, co-hosted by Susan Hinckley and Cynthia Winward and produced with help from their wonderful friend Jeralee Renshaw. In it, Susan and Cynthia join LDF host Dan Wotherspoon to talk about women's experiences in the church and how they are often so very different from those of men. It is a terrific discussion, often fun and loaded with "aha's," but also moments that note great sadness and difficulties many Latter-day Saint women encounter as they seek to find and use their voice and, too often, even their place at all within Mormonism. 

The conversation rotates through topics such as the types of situations in which women and men experience things quite differently, from dynamics in Relief Society and other classes to formal meetings and councils with men presiding and women having no genuine authority to make decisions. It moves into spirituality and thoughts on how men's and women's religious and spiritual lives are affected by their standing within the organization and its many extensions, including "Mormon culture." They discuss how might women lead congregations and pastor their individual ward members differently than do most men? Finally, the panel speaks of obligations that can fall on those who see and can articulate their particular situations within the church. Must they speak up, teach, and help raise awarenesses that might lead to lasting changes, especially ones that will assist the rising generations of women who seem to be voting with their feet that current structures, limits on influence, and gender dynamics must change?  

This is a rich discussion! Please listen in!