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Mar 25, 2022

As we release this episode, we are in the midst of the senate confirmation hearings (battles?) over the potential elevation of the Hon. Ketanji Brown Jackson to the U.S. Supreme Court. Many Latter-day Saints are also looking toward the upcoming April 2022 General Conference--most with excitement, but others with deep trepidation about possibly hearing messages that might lead them or loved ones to feel "othered," shamed, or in despair. At times like these, alongside all the other stresses in the world at large and/or our own lives in particular, we are not always at our best. We can easily become cynical, outraged, depressed, and the temptation is to want to hide from the cacophony that surrounds us. But is there hope for managing all this better?

Latter-day Faith host Dan Wotherspoon thinks so. He goes solo in this episode that is designed to offer a sense of comfort, and perhaps even optimism in our lives even when they are difficult. His approach is to teach about and encourage each of us to seek an even deeper grounding in Spirit--or whatever term we prefer that describes the source of energies and courage that are beyond us and that can sustain us.

He discusses why we might want to seek this deeper grounding and why they are especially important in today's world when there is so much division and outrage and dissembling that are all so easy to get caught up in. He discusses daily practices in general and why they are important, and the benefits of them that can come to us. He addresses the fruits of spiritual centering and how it yields far better results than when we seek to do better and then going about it primarily through our own willpower.

Can we develop new attitudes toward everything that comes our way? He is in good company in suggesting the answer is a resounding "YES." Listen in! See what you think!