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Apr 23, 2020

This episode focuses on one person's journey though Mormonism that formed for him a wonderful foundation from which he learned to explore more deeply not only into its teachings but also those of eastern spirituality, especially through Hinduism and Kriya Yoga. It is designed to invite listeners into it as a way to discover touchstones and spiritual shifts that likely resonate with their own journeys. Certainly, no two non-linear spiritual paths can be fully alike, but it is so helpful to know particulars of another's movement into deeper and more expansive experiences.

The man willing to share his journey herein is Ben Heaton, a physician, spiritual seeker, and facilitator of important discussions. Latter-day Faith host Dan Wotherspoon joins in to witness Ben's story, as well as to add insights from his own journey and spiritual awakenings. Their conversation explores profound things that are, nevertheless, quite accessible because of Ben's sharing so openly and with very little, if any, jargon that we all know can often be off-putting.

Listen in!