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Nov 15, 2022

When we struggle with previously held beliefs, various actions and teachings of authority figures, and/or religious teachings and practices that seem to not be loving--or even harmful--we can find ourselves wondering if all our work of pulling-apart and examining each element that has made up our worldview will ever end. It is a frightening process, full of many ups and downs. Part of the deep angst we can feel during these times of confusion is our concern that perhaps we will have to give up everything, including spirituality.

In this terrific episode, LDF host Dan Wotherspoon is joined by Brittney Hartley, a spiritual director who specializes in working with folks who want spirituality “without the nonsense.” Brittney tells us of her own deep wrestles with faith, belief, religion, questions of meaning, including if anything means anything at all! Ultimately, however, she has emerged from the other side of these struggles with a greater and richer spirituality than ever before, just one that is not reliant upon beliefs, religious structures, or outside authority figures (except ones we might choose for ourselves).

In course of the discussion, Britney works through nine important topics that provide grounding for a wonderful life—showing how each can come alive and add vitality to our lives even if we give up on truth claims and religious trappings. These are:



Morality and Ethics

Rewriting your sacred story

Meaning and purpose

Shadow and Inner Child Work

Awe and Transcendence

Community and Inspiration

Self-Actualization and Human Flourishing

This is an important episode that many listeners will connect with in deep ways, and if this path is not really for them, it will be for others in their circle. Formally religious or not, listen in!!!