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Feb 10, 2023

In this episode, therapist Julie Keanaaina speaks with LDF host Dan Wotherspoon about psilocybin, which has recently been legalized in Oregon for therapeutic uses, with many other states considering something similar. There have been many stories from studies of its use in television news magazines, newspapers, and other media formats, each affirming the positive effects it has had on patients who are suffering from the effects of trauma, as well as those with depression, including situational depression due to difficult health diagnoses.

What is psilocybin? Where does it come from? How has it been used culturally in the past, and what does the future seem to hold? How does it work? What are its benefits? If someone were interested in exploring its use for themselves, what would the dosing and treatments be like--especially if they would like to work with Julie's group in Portland, Oregon?

This being a faith journey and spirituality podcast, Julie and Dan also discuss how it can be used as a way to access the reality that embraces more than what we can access through our five senses or process through our conscious minds. And so much more!

Enjoy this terrific and informative introduction to this spiritual tool that has been around for centuries but is just now coming into its own these past few decades. We think you will find it fascinating!