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May 6, 2022

For many, Latter-day Saint teachings about God as consisting of embodied beings and being a literal Divine Couple have been very empowering as it carves out space for the divine feminine. But descriptions of God fall short—trying to use words for what is indescribable. But even more vital than how we “think” about God is how we "experience" God. Even if we are taught that God is gendered, do we experience God that way? As we seek God and feel we've connected with the Divine, is the element of gender part of it? Some say they do and it is while others report it that they don’t.

Several weeks ago, Latter-day Faith hosted two "virtual firesides" on this very topic. In preparation for a larger discussion those evenings, we asked four thoughtful people to prepare a few thoughts about God and the question of gender, and then we had them lead off in these firesides. All provided powerful glimpses into their own thinking about God as well as wonderful framings for the discussions. And most shared personal details about how their thinking and experiencing of God changed in their lives.

Because we do not record our virtual firesides (as we want all who participate to feel safe should they choose to share things so close to their hearts), we have decided to release two episodes featuring their presentations along with some discussion with LDF host Dan Wotherspoon.

Part 1 features these conversations with Derek Knox and Kajsa Berlin-Kaufusi.

Part 2 features Laurie Lee Hall and Susan Hinckley.

Tune in this week and next! You will discover great insight and wisdom, and you will be moved by the courage of the presenters in sharing elements of their very personal journeys.