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Apr 9, 2020

In this second part of the discussion of prayer and additional types of prayer practices, Latter-day Faith host Dan Wotherspoon along with JoDee Baird, Julie Keanaaina, and Marianne Pond. Featured in this episode is introducing the practice of "centering prayer" and discussing its various elements.

The panel introduces other wonderful stances that are especially helpful in spiritual lives, especially in the area of what we can do with all those pesky thoughts that still press in on us while we are meditating or engaged in a wordless prayer practice.

The final section introduces a possible place in a person's prayer life that includes praying or reading set prayers. And the panelists definitely share about their experiences of overcoming negative attitudes (mostly learned in Mormonism) toward this prayer practice. They also share some of their favorite prayers and readings of this kind. And in the final few moments, Dan, Julie, and Marianne talk about some advantages of creating a prayer routine, especially designating a room, chair, mat, and postures. It is certainly not a requirement for an enlarged and more meaningful prayer practice, but each of the panelists speak of their good experiences in returning again and again to a specific space and posture.

Listen in!